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The Island of Moorea is clearly visible in all it's glory across the "Sea of the Moon" from Tahiti. To reach this breathtaking Island it's only a 5 minute flight or a 40 minute ferry ride. Moorea has a flavor and flair all of its own with deep valleys, jagged mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls leading down to pristine beaches. This makes for a stunning back drop for a Pre or Post cruise stay.

Moorea Resort Accommodation



The Traditional Tahitian bungalow has always been the most desirable type of accommodation. Whether it's a garden, beach, shallow or deep overwater This type of dwelling is reflective of the Tahitian Heritage. There is a special feeling when staying in such exotic quarters that stimulates the senses. For such occassion's as a honeymoon or anniversary or just to pamper yourself a stay in an overwater bungalow would be perfect.

Tahiti Resort Accommodation

Bora Bora:

The beautiful setting of Bora Bora has attracted some of the worlds most prestigious luxury hotels. Some private nearby Island Motu's that face Bora Bora, now have resort bungalows built on them. Overwater bungalows here as you would expect are highly sought after as the whole "South Seas" experience is elevated in this dramatic location.

Bora Bora Resort Accommodation